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"Google Daydream" Virtual Reality Becoming a Reality

“Google Daydream” Virtual Reality Becoming a Reality

Virtual Reality will soon be the new craze! Google’s new virtual reality promises to be amazing — and not made of cardboard. Read on to find out more.

Google Daydream may have been first mentioned back in May, but there’s been some exciting new developments with the Virtual Reality project.

Google Daydream will help every Android become a portable virtual reality platform. The Daydream VR platform, termed officially as Daydream View, will enable manufacturers to fabricate their own headsets to go along with the base technology.

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What is Google Daydream?

It’s the Android software baked into Android higher-end smartphones with a special virtual reality function, as well as a headset and motion controller from Google. If you’ve seen the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer, you should expect a massive leap forward. It won’t be made of cardboard, but you will stick your phone into the headset slot before you engage with the new world.

With strict requirements, developers will need to adhere to Google standards, helping to ensure a quality, dependable end result. When paired with a more comfortable viewer and better controls, Google hopes to dominate the virtual reality platform with the Google Daydream release.

Game of Thrones fans will be happy to know that HBO Now will be on the Daydream VR Platform at launch. The word is that YouTube celebrities will be hard at work promoting the new platform as well. There will be plenty of noise about the new platform. But will it deliver? Google believes it will.

Mockups show the headset working as a pointer, a fishing pole, and a wand to help every witch or wizard cast a spell. If a headset doesn’t live up to Google’s standards, the VR mode won’t even turn on.

Google Daydream View

HBO Now won’t be the only app available. Integration with popular Google apps like Google Photos, Google Play Movies, Google Street View, and even a special VR version of Google-owned YouTube promise a whole new world with Google’s virtual reality spin.

It seems as though everyone is signing up to be a part of this virtual reality party. Brands like Huawei, Alcatel, Samsung, Asus, HTC, LG, and Xiaomi are ready to produce smartphones that boast Google Daydream.

The headsets produced are sure to appeal to a variety of Android users, given the diverse manufacturers hopping on board. And that is exactly what Google is hoping for.

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