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Google Introduces Over 20 New Security Features to Protect Users

Android users live in Google's world, and soon the company will be introducing new security features that you should know about.

Google has announced that they will be introducing a collection of new security features for Android phone users. While some of these features are aimed squarely at enterprise users, a number of new additions will be welcomed by consumers looking to remain more secure while browsing the web on their mobile devices.

New Features to Secure Your Online Life
For starters, the company will be including new anti-phishing capabilities based on machine learning algorithms from Gmail user scenarios. The service will now be able to flag emails as suspicious; it can also alert you to odd attachment files that may pose a threat. It can be a tiring practice to be on your toes continually looking out for malware, so these new features could be quite beneficial.

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The anti-phishing system will also be able to scan images and expand shortened URLs in order to look for signs of malicious content. Basically, while you browse your Gmail inbox, Google has implemented a collection of new tools to watch your back. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your eyes peeled for trouble!

Advanced Changes to Google’s Backend
Other changes introduced include modifications made to Google’s Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, which offers new mechanisms that detect how a user interacts with the platform. On a security level, it monitors strange activity, like logging in from halfway around the world, or sending emails that don’t sound like you. These occurrences will be noted by the system.

Remember: Keep Your Eyes Open!
Overall, Google has introduced new security protocols that many users will find useful. However, it’s important to note that a basic patch of security doesn’t give complete protection. In fact, Google Play Protect, an essential part of the Android ecosystem continues to fail third-party testing by independent security firm, AV-TEST.

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