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How Incognito is the Incognito Window in Chrome?

Using Google Chrome's private browsing mode won't mask your online activity from everyone, yet many Incognito users believe they're "invisible.”

For Android users who haven’t heard of Incognito Mode, it’s a browsing mode within Google Chrome that’s designed to not record your browsing history. Once the Incognito window is closed, none of the sites you visit appear in Chrome’s history, and the cookies are also deleted. Incognito is often popular for people using public computers or looking through “Not Safe for Work” (NSFW) websites. However, it does not make your browsing experience more secure. To browse the web securely, use Anti-Hacking to block malicious websites:

Unfortunately, there is one big misconception about Chrome’s Incognito Mode. Many online users believe that it’s 100% private. This is simply not the case. Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about your privacy in Incognito Mode, including the perks and the drawbacks of using Incognito windows.

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3 Reasons Why Incognito Mode Isn’t Private

  1. Your internet service provider (ISP) can still view your activity. Despite using Incognito Mode, there is still a list of websites you’ve visited that your ISP can access. This information is especially pertinent to people browsing at work. Your employer can still see exactly which websites you have viewed. So, be careful where you tread online, even while private browsing is activated. Don’t put your job at risk!
  1. Your IP address isn’t hidden. While some VPNs can successfully hide your IP address, Incognito Mode cannot. Think of an IP address as having your fingerprint in a police database. If they wanted to look up your IP address, it would lead directly back to you! Even if you use a private browser, your fingerprints still end up all over every visited site.
  2. You’re still logging onto certain websites. This includes Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, or banking accounts. Using Incognito Mode won’t make you invisible to these sites because they are using cookies to track your behavior. If you log on using your account info, they will have a record that you were there. Incognito’s reach isn’t far enough to keep Facebook from knowing that you just spent two hours scrolling through your newsfeed.

The Benefits of Private Browsing

All that being said, Incognito Mode does offer several perks. Since it deletes cookies and disables browser extensions, it’s ideal for browsing social media without third-party services following your online footsteps. Incognito Mode is also great for online banking, lending your computer to a friend, or having a messaging chat that you don’t want saved. This privacy mode also reduces your odds of a malware app attacking your browser. So, despite being only superficially private, Incognito does provide considerable benefits to its users.