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Lost Android? Locate or Wipe it with Android Device Manager

Locate your lost device and ensure your data is safe by safeguarding the personal information you may have stored on your mobile.

Recently changed to Find My Device, the Google Play application formerly known as Android Device Manager is a more useful tool than its new name may initially suggest. It not only allows a user to track down their device, as the name implies, but also carries a few other functions that can ensure their personal information is protected. Luckily, you can already wipe or locate your device as long as you have the anti-theft feature activated. Click here to activate anti-theft so that your information is protected in the event of loss or theft:


Android Device Manager originally debuted in 2013 on the Google Play Store as a helpful app for managing lost or stolen devices. It was updated earlier this year, but the app still functions virtually the same as before with the sole purpose being to secure the device.

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The app needs a few requirements to work properly: its GPS needs to be active, as does its data or Wi-Fi connection and the application itself. You can use Find My Device from a computer or another device by going online and signing into your Google account. Find My Device will show the last sign-in location and offer you several options on how to proceed. Like anti-theft, you can either order the device to play a sound so you can find it if it is nearby, place a lock on it so no one can access it, or erase all your data permanently so that no one can get into your information.

There is a big, glaring problem with this setup, however; if your device was already broken into, there is not much else you can do. If someone finds your phone and gains access to your data before you activate the app, then the damage will have already been done. That is why it is important to be mindful of any devices you have on you at all times and ensure you have taken the proper steps to protect them beforehand.

Why anti-theft?
A potential alternative to Find My Device is to use the anti-theft feature instead. It works similarly and operates from your Google account as well, but has a big advantage in that it will still send any “lock” or “erase” commands even if the device is disconnected. The message will be saved until it reconnects, and if someone tries to access your information online, you can stop them before they have a chance to break through. In addition to locating and protecting your device, the anti-theft function can also detect if the SIM card has been altered in any way. Also, remember to contact the authorities if you believe your phone has been stolen or was picked up by someone you do not know, and never try to recover it yourself.