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How Has Live Action Technology Evolved Over Time?

Virtual reality is a concept first mentioned in a short story from 1935. Now, it is all the rage! It immerses users in new worlds — and it only keeps improving.

The idea of live action technology might seem new, but consider historical paintings. The artists arranged battle and historical scenes to make others feel as though they were there and a part of the action, much like virtual reality headsets are trying to do today.

Remember playing with the View-Master as a kid? You know, those toys that cycled through scenes or a story while you looked on? That 1939 invention was just a reconfiguring of (and major update from) the stereoscope invented 100 years before.

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Things took a leap forward in the 1960s.

The Birth of Live Action Virtual Technology
The first head-mounted display was invented, then the first motion-tracking display, and then the first display connected not to a camera, but to a computer. It was so heavy, it had to be hung from the ceiling — a far cry from today’s cardboard-light displays.

Users of this new technology, nicknamed the “Sword of Damocles” (after the legendary story about being in a position of power), were then strapped into it. Of course, given the technology at the time, users weren’t exactly greeted with the lifelike images afforded by today’s amazing tech.

Other VR devices followed, each one building on the last. It wouldn’t be until the 1980s that virtual reality accessories were marketed to the public. The system alone cost almost $50,000 — no small change even by today’s standards.

Nintendo and Sega Genesis hopped on board the new craze. In the case of Sega, it was never able to release its VR Glasses project due to technical difficulties, even though the company had already completed games for it. Nintendo, on the other hand, did release a 3D gaming console, but with a series of issues (such as its less than comfortable headset), it didn’t take off.

Live Action Technology Today
With Oculus Rift consistently making headlines and great leaps forward, the new release of the Playstation VR, Google Daydream in the works, and the HTC Vive and controllers that started shipping in spring of this year, it keeps getting better.

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