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How to Clean up and Speed up Your Android Phone

If your Android phone is on the older side, and is starting to act its age, optimize it with PSafe TOTAL

Your Android phone is like a mechanical BFF. It goes with you everywhere, keeps you entertained, and is always ready to help out when you need it. Considering all the things our phones do for us, chances are it could use a boost.

If you need to get your Android phone up to speed, follow these tips to get your phone working faster, sooner. This way you can quickly get back to winning battles, snapping photos, and more.

Too Hot to Handle?

If your phone is getting as hot as the summer sun, it’s time to turn to PSafe TOTAL’s CPU Cooler. Save your apps, stop the lag, and keep your Android phone working at peak condition with this easy to use feature. It will help you get more done, without the hassles of a slow, overheating phone.

Say “Cheese!”

It’s pretty easy to take a photo with your smartphone. It’s almost too easy. In no time at all, a brand new Android phone can be full of images, most of which aren’t even Instagram-worthy. Make sure your phone isn’t filled with unnecessary duplicates, by using PSafe TOTAL’s Duplicate Photos feature. This feature will identify any repeated photos in your album, and give you the option to delete these duplicates with ease. This way, you’ll have more space, for more worthwhile photos in no time.

There’s an App for That

With all the great puzzles, games, and productivity apps available in the Google Play Store, it’s hard to stop at just one. Before you download another top app, make sure you’re closing the background apps you no longer need. Think you’ll forget? PSafe TOTAL’s Internet Booster function can shut down your phone’s background action, so you can enjoy a fast-working system.

You’re a Winner!

Just about everyone gets bombarded with spam-filled emails. While some online scams are easy to spot, others are much more subtle. Avoid viruses and malware with PSafe TOTAL’s antivirus feature. It will detect any security breaches, and fix them for you. Make sure you keep your phone protected, and your information secure.

Power Through Your Day

PSafe TOTAL has all the features you need to keep your Android device running smoothly, and free of any damaging bugs. Install PSafe TOTAL today, and start reaping the benefits of a phone that works like new. If you’re looking to optimize your phone in other ways, check out our tips for freeing up your phone’s memory, and keeping your photos private on the PSafe blog.