What are the PREMIUM+VPN benefits of dfndr security?

Subscribing to Premium+VPN you will get an unlimited connection to VPN service, ads removed, personalized notifications and the access to all future premium features. To subscribe, follow the steps below:

1- Touch menu  and select the key icon “Connection”

2- Touch on “Go Unlimited”.

3- Select your plan.

1 Month: U$11.99/month

6 Months:  U$4.99/month

1 year: 3.99/month

4- Touch on “Continue”.

5- Select the payment method and conclude the process.

Or click to remove:

How do I uninstall dfndr performance?

You have two options to uninstall dfndr performance.

Uninstall using Play Store:

1- Open the Play Store app and select menu .

2- Select “My apps & games” and go to “Installed”.

3- Select the icon for dfndr performance.

4- Select “Uninstall”.

5- Select “Ok” to confirm.


Uninstall using Android Settings:

1- Open Android Settings .

2- Select “Apps”.

3- Choose DFNDR Performance and select “Uninstall”.

4- Select “Ok” to confirm.

How do I create a shortcut for DFNDR Performance on the main screen?

You can create a shortcut to get quick access to the features of DFNDR Performance. To put a DFNDR Performance icon on your home screen, follow the next steps:

1- Select the menu  and choose “Settings” .

2- Select “Create icon on the main screen”.

3- You should now have a shortcut icon for DFNDR Performance on your screen.




How do I enable / disable notifications from DFNDR Performance?

Our notifications alert you when a feature needs to be performed to optimize your phone and free up storage. To select what kind of notifications you want DFNDR Performance to send you, follow these steps:

1- Select the menu  and choose “Settings” .

2- Select “Notifications”.

3- Slide the button to the right (turning it green) to enable it.


To disable notifications, slide the button to the left (turning it gray).

How do I enable / disable the DFNDR Performance Assistant?

The DFNDR Performance Assistant alerts you when there are apps running in the background that need to be optimized. To use this function, follow the steps below:

1- Open DFNDR Performance and select menu .

2- Select “Settings” .

3-  Select “DFNDR Performance Assistant”.

4- Select “Activate now”.


To disable it, slide the green button to the left turning it gray.

How do I use DFNDR Performance to clean cache files?

DFNDR Performance removes all internal cache files to free up storage and optimize your device using the Advanced Cache Cleaner feature. To activate it, follow these steps:

1- Open DFNDR Performance and select “Advanced Tools“.

2- Select the feature “Advanced Cache Cleaner”.

3- Set “Accessibility Permission” by following the steps on screen.

4- Wait for the process to finish updating.

5- You can review the cache files deleted by selecting “Junk files deleted”.

How do I use DFNDR Performance to clean my call log?

The Call Log Cleaner helps you to quickly remove old numbers from your call registry. To use this feature, follow the steps below:

1- Open DFNDR Performance and select “Advanced Tools“.

2- Select the feature “Call Log Cleaner”.

3- Select “Next” and give “Phone Calls” Permission.

4- Choose the call log entries that you want to remove and select “Delete calls”.

5- Confirm to delete.